Serena Webber

Serena Webber

Being new to the film industry, I had an amazing experience playing the younger sister, Abby, in "Summer of Discovery" and Samantha in "Malicious Attack". Thank you to the Production Team for giving me this opportunity. Driving 3.5 hours each way to get to the set took a lot of commitment, (and fuel!) but I have not been able to find similar opportunities in my home town.

Having now completed my first feature film, I appreciate the amount of effort – from parents bringing food (THANK YOU!) to the importance of lighting, sound and camera angles. Everyone involved worked together and formed a community with a common purpose. Even my mom became part of the crew! Seeing the transformation from script to set, was remarkable and I was impressed by the creativity and dedication that the crew brought every day.

I became good friends with the other actors and enjoyed my time both on and off the set. I realized though, that at home I usually spend time with kids my own age. While on the set, I had to interact with all ages, which initially seemed awkward, but by the end we were all a big family. The actors and crew who were older, (like my grandparents), were really kind and they taught me lots about the acting world. I also had an opportunity to develop some leadership skills when helping out with the younger children.

Filming is not without problems. I learned how to face uncertainty and adapt to last minute changes. There were also times when we had to film a scene way too many times because of planes or cars that kept driving by. Although frustrating, I learned to accept what we cannot change and make the most of each moment.

My character, Abby, who struggled with her older sister, taught me the importance of caring for others and how small actions will have a larger domino effect on those around us. Morgan, who played my older sister, was so helpful in reviewing my lines prior to a scene. She also gave me some great advice as I was preparing to start high school – just like a big sister!

My own summer of discovery left me more socially confident with other age groups, more patient when things don't go my way, and appreciative of what a group of people can accomplish when we all work together.

Serena Webber