Katie Ostojic
Katie Ostojic

Katie Ostojic says...

I have had the pleasure of working with Matthew Marshall and Corrinne Wood for three productions.

In "Tuned In", I was a student in the background during the school scene. In the short film "Struggles Within", I was the lead role of “The Girl” who struggles with depression. In this role I got to mix my passions of dance and acting.  I was then the lead role of teenager Naomi Spencer in the short film "Malicious Attack" about Bullying. Naomi is at the centre of getting bullied and must try to endure the bullying of Savannah.

Each of these roles has changed me as a performer in different ways and allowed me to grow in my skills and talents of performing.

In being a part of these three films it has given me an opportunity to gain experience in the areas of acting and dance on screen, along with developing my skills of working on a film set and being a member of the Production Team.

I thank them both for these opportunities.

Katie Ostojic