Emma Willsie says...

My name is Emma Willsie and I have had the opportunity to be part of three films with iFilmGroup and m & s Marshall Productions.

I have portrayed a bully in Corrinne Wood's feature film “Summer of Discovery” and a victim of bullying in Matthew Marshall's short film “Malicious Attack” and a Street Teen named Sapphire in “Blue Love”, also directed by Matthew Marshall.

As a young girl who lived through bullying at a young age playing the “bully” in Corrinne Wood's “Summer of Discovery” movie was a little nerve racking because I’m not that type of person in real life. Corrinne made me feel completely confident in the role. She directed me on how to better play the role and brought the best out of me as an actress. Watching the other cast mates and learning from them helped tremendously as well.

While playing the opposite roll of Jessica brown in Matthew's “Malicious Attack” it was also very trying because I'm a pretty stubborn person. Making it difficult for me to play the victim of a bully and feel threatened. Matthew was very encouraging and supportive in getting me to become the character. He had some great strategies to help get me into the role and portray the character in a very real way.

"Blue Love" also had its challenges but with the past experience of acting with this team it has become easier to explore the various characters I am playing and easier to express the character more naturally.

Through the direction of these two directors I was able to remember going through a hard time as a young child and bringing those experiences into these wonderful films. Being a part of these productions made me feel like I was helping bring a light on how issues that happen in the world. Making a difference in the world. Especially how bullying influences youth in their everyday lives. The messages these films are trying to get out to the public about bullying and other social issues like depression and abuse is wonderful and I hope that these movies help others who are dealing with these situations on daily basis. Through these films they teach good messages that youth can use in their daily lives and apply if they find themselves in situations like are part of the film.

I learned a lot from being a part of these films. Being on set shows you all the behind the scene things that go on in making a movie. It was very exciting and lots of fun. They create a safe environment to learn and express yourself creatively within the roles. They are patient and understanding with people that are learning. They allow you to be your character, but they guide you in how to do things better. The experience makes me want to be a part of more productions to continue to grow my craft of acting and learn more.

I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

Emma Willsie