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Anna Victoria Faklan

ABC Domestic Television had Anna Victoria play the role of a Turkish protester during an episode of “Designated Survivor” starring award winning Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland.

Congratulations Anna on getting this role. We are so happy when one from our group succeeds to further themselves with the choices one makes. This affirms to us your drive and vision.

We love it! The Production Team

Anna Victoria's Testimony

Max Steinberg- actor

Max had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Marshall about film making on his talk show "Max TV" airing on London Rogers Television. Max's role as host of the show received a nomination for "Best Young Host" from the Joey Awards.

On Max TV, Matthew discussed with the host (Max), the contribution independent films plays in getting the word out about important topics, that otherwise might not get the attention they deserve. One example is bulling, which happens to be the subject of Matthew’s latest short "Malicious Attack". It explores how prevalent bullying is, and the effect it is having on people Max's age, not only in schools, and communities, but on-line as well.

Max you are an aspiring young actor and host. The Production Team

Max Steinberg's Testimony

Hayley 2.jpg

Hayley moved on from our productions to leading roles in a number of theatre productions in London and area as well as St. Catharines. She was also in a couple TV/film productions including YTV’s “If Only these Walls Could Talk: and an extra in Walt Disney’s production “Mr. Headmistress” filmed partiality in St Thomas.

She also had the opportunity to work with several television shows such as “Now You Know” and “Odd Squad” produced by Sinking Ship Productions and YTV's “The Zone” as well as at different on site locations.

We are thrilled that we were a part of your life's journey and your success in the film industry.
The Production Team
Hayley's Testimony