Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria says...

In December 2016, I started a journey working with m & s Marshall Productions, and iFilmGroup. I had no idea how life-changing their mentorship and presence in my life would be. Through them, I have forged great friendships, made wonderful memories and progressed immensely in my career. I feel immensely grateful to Matthew Marshall of m & s Marshall Productions, Don Hickey and Helena Rose of iFilmGroup for giving youth like myself the opportunity to learn about film through actively participating in their films.

For a couple of years, since I began high school, I’ve grown an interest in acting. My one problem was the lack of opportunity there is for youth in the film industry. For example, I have found many opportunities in theatre but nothing in film until I came across “Malicious Attack”, a short film directed by Matthew Marshall, looking for people interested in being part of the production as “students” in the cast.

Through this door opening opportunity on “Malicious Attack”, I was able to work on the crew of the feature film “Summer of Discovery”, directed by Corrinne Wood. I believe that the way in which both of these directors interact with their actors and crew allows everyone to learn so much more than on the set of a big-budget project. Here, everyone who is willing to give their all and get “hands-on” learning in all aspects of a production.


I am thankful for the many things I learned on these sets. Because of the Production Team and the people I met, I received advice that helped me to play the role of a Turkish protester on an episode of “Designated Survivor” starring award-winning Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland [Disney-ABC Domestic Television].

Because of my time working with the production team and what I have learned it has opened other doors for me as well. I got the opportunity to play the lead, Teresa, in “Lost and Found” a short film about a young nun who is put in a tough predicament of choosing between the convent and her dreams. This opportunity opened my eyes to what it takes to be in a leading role and made me fall in love with acting like never before as I have never had the responsibility of the main role. She has also had the opportunity to be a background 'student' on the set of “the Good Witch” starring Catherine Bell.


Working on the iFilmGroup sets has taught me “set etiquette” which has helped me feel comfortable on other sets like the ones of “Designated Survivor” and “The Good Witch”.

The time and experience with the Production team of iFilmGroup and other opportunities like “Designated Survivor” and “The Good Witch” have introduced me to how the filming process differs from small sets to big ones.

In the Spring of 2018, I returned to work with the iFilmGroup production team on my third and fourth projects. Working again with m & s Marshall Productions as I was cast in the role of “Blair Cyra” in the hour-long drama “Blue Love” and then by iFilmGroup as part of their promotional video for their iFilmGroup Program. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with these production companies again and bring to life the characters and roles I am playing.

I also had the opportunity to during the spring of 2018 to be a part of the iFilmGroup Accredited Mentoring Program and performed my mentorship hours for school under the guidance of film director Matthew Marshall. It was a very rewarding experience and opened my eyes to the many aspects of the film industry.

Being a part of iFilmGroup's community has changed my life. I have forged great friendships, made wonderful memories, progressed immensely in my career and gained valuable insight into the film industry. I’m very thankful to Matthew, Don, Helena, and the entire Production Team, who created such a positive, inclusive and educational environment.

I have grown immeasurably as an actor and as a person. I have been able to put into practice my professionalism, punctuality, networking, on-screen acting, sound-recording and much more. Because of the opportunities given to me to work on a variety of projects, I had the chance to observe numerous aspects of filming, from working the boom mic, to watching the team set up before takes, to acting on screen. Matthew, Don and the whole team at iFilmGroup were extremely welcoming and helpful, and have inspired me to begin writing and filming my projects.

I couldn’t be thankful enough for all the iFilmGroup team has taught and given to me!

Anna Victoria