Helena Rose of www.iFilmGroup.org

Helena Rose of www.iFilmGroup.org

Helena Rose says...

How do I word it.... I don’t know where I’d be right now if it weren’t for Matthew, Corrinne and Don. I had just graduated from studying the performing arts at Fanshawe College (London, Ontario) when I met them.

I was worried about where to go next to pursue my career in acting; moving to Toronto just wasn’t an option for me, yet all I wanted was to begin working on my resume.

I found a casting call on Stage 32 for extras by Matthew and his company m & s Marshall productions for his short film “Tuned In”. I replied hastily. Sure, I couldn’t really put an extra role on my resume, but it was a chance at local work! I hoped it would be my way into the industry, maybe build me some connections, and boy was I right.

I’ve been working steadily with these amazing people through seven film projects. They included “Tuned In”, "Ronny’s Bench", “Malicious Attack”, Blue Love, Not Ready, “In Limbo” and “Summer of Discovery”.

Through this fabulous group of people I have achieved valuable experience and practice; made new friends, connections and gained insight into the world “behind the scenes”. I have played a high school student, a medical attendant, the role of complex older ‘student’, Alicia, who is witness to bullying in a high school. I have also played the emotional role of “Whitney” in “In Limbo” and fun “Candy” in “Summer of Discovery”. Experience a marriage fall apart through the eyes of Kaitlyn a nurse in “Blue Love” and found love in “Not Ready”. I have also branched into the technical side as co-writer and co-producer of “Blue Love”.

Each role has been different and unique, allowing me to stretch myself in new directions and expand the skills I have learned. All while never having to leave the area of London, Ontario. I have even through iFilmGroup been able to pass my acting knowledge on to others through iFilmGroup workshops where I coach and train actors from the group that are being brought along in the craft of acting.

Through all the experience with these people they have been supportive of the things life throws at you. Sometimes life and work get in the way, but they have been such phenomenal, accommodating and helpful people, I couldn’t have asked for a better group. Life is hard, finding work is harder, but with the iFilmGroup, led by Don and Matthew, I’ve actually felt as though I have a place here in my comfortable home city.

Everyone wants to help out, everyone is local and volunteer based, and it just leaves so much room for creative input and learning different parts of what it takes to film a movie. Their eagerness to bring in youth opens up opportunities I wish I had in high school, and I’m endlessly grateful to have it now.

I’m excited for the future with these new ventures through iFilmGroup on the horizon with both Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall, and I could never have gotten into such a happy and fulfilling place in my life right now without this little local filming world.

Helena Rose