Shelby says...

When I first heard about Matthew Marshall from my mom I was excited to meet him and happy that he was giving me a chance to be part of IFilmGroup. I have had the opportunity to be a part of films very close to home.

Having this local film group has given me more opportunities to participate in projects. Also the connections with this film group and their promotion of me has opened doors to be considered for other projects. I have even got to participate in one film, "Blue Love" and play two different roles in the same movie by changing my looks and costumes.

I have felt very comfortable working with this team because on set everybody was friendly and energetic. It has been interesting to learn a lot about behind the scenes and how a film set works. This knowledge will help me as I participate in film work in Toronto.  I have learned to keep in character for a long time. I want to keep learning and moving forward with iFilmGroup for a long time.

It's has been an amazing experience so far.

Shelby S.