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Talia Mielke says…

Performing is something that I have been so passionate about from such a young age. I have a wide range of talents in the arts from acting to dance as well as singing. Some in the business call it the triple threat. My interest and experience has been more plays and musicals.

As I was wrapping up my high school I was looking for opportunities to gain experience in the acting to prepare for post-secondary studies in the field of acting and performing. My goal was to pursue a career in the performing arts! Film acting wasn’t really anything that I had thought about and didn’t feel there was as much opportunity in the area to gain this experience.  But when a stage manager from a show I was in sent me the casting call for extras in a film, I thought it would be a super cool experience and would help me become more of a well- rounded performer.

Talia Mielke on a movie set with iFilmGroup.org

Talia Mielke on a movie set with iFilmGroup.org

iFilmGroup has offered me a supportive and professional environment to keep working on my skills. Every time I do a new project with this team I learn something new! They offer a lot of amazing opportunities where I get to meet new people who are passionate about performing whether they are older and more experienced, if they're my age, or if they're younger it's always a fun time to connect!

I can't wait to be a part of more iFilmGroup productions in the future and I will forever be thankful for the opportunities that they've given me so far!

Talia Mielke

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