Jamie Rainbird

Jamie Rainbird

Jamie Rainbird says…

Having acted in several Television Commercials and school plays as a teenager, my acting bug took a permanent back seat while other priorities such as university, career and family took centre stage in my life.

A chance encounter in 2015 reignited my desire to act and led to my first introduction to Matthew Marshall on the set of the movie “J”. Since this time, I have now been very fortunate to have worked with Matt on seven film projects in both supporting and lead roles, which has also allowed me to meet and work with some truly incredible people. Although too many to name, Don Hickey and Corrinne Wood deserve mention among them.

The projects include "Tuned In", "Ronny’s Bench"," Malicious Attack", "Summer of Discovery" and "Blue Love".

As a director, Matthew has been amazing to work within that he has provided me not just the opportunity and guidance to tackle a variety of roles but has allowed me the creative freedom to express my roles in directions that I wanted to pursue. There is no denying that without his support my desire to act would not have been rekindled.

Perhaps even more crucial to my enjoyment and ability to take on these roles, has been that shooting schedules have always been accommodating and taken place in the London, St Thomas or Chatham-Kent, Ontario region. This has allowed me to focus on my work commitments throughout the week while shooting scenes after hours. This has also been particularly important to the younger members of cast and crew who are still full-time students, yet eager to learn or participate.

I am proud to be associated with Matt and Don. I wish them continued success in directing and producing entertaining and meaningful films that no matter the subject, portray an important, underlying message. They are providing opportunities through iFilmGroup for creative minds of all ages to learn or enhance their skills whether it be as a member of his film cast or crew. I have no doubt that their future projects through iFilmGroup will continue this tradition of open-minded, uplifting professionalism.

Although I have no idea where this acting journey may take me, it would never have started at all had it not been for the influence of key people like Matthew Marshall who have positively impacted my life.

Thanks, Matt and keep up the great work!

Jamie Rainbird