Ian James Smith

Ian James Smith

Ian says…

When I first started to want to get into the Film Industry, Matthew took a chance on me and it was the start of my film career. This initial opportunity came with a short film called “The Struggles Within”. Matthew hired me to be a PA (Production Assistant). Throughout the film, Matthew mentored me and allowed me to assist with camera work. Through this work with the camera, it allowed me to understand why an actor needs to work with the camera-person.

When Matthew began his short film “Malicious Attack” about bullying, I was given the opportunity to help as the boom mic operator and also was cast in the role of Jarod Jackson. It was through this experience that I learned how important it was for an actor to be aware of where the microphone is and why.

Later on, I worked as an actor with the production team when the feature film ‘The Summer of Discovery” was being filmed. I was having a rough summer due to a recent surgery. Matthew empathized with what I was going through and sought a way to help me through the experience when he realized I was not OK. He watched out for me on set and ensured that things were done to aid me along so I could perform at my best and have my best performances when I was on camera. For that I am grateful.

Matthew, Don and the Production Team have opened doors to the film industry for me. Allowing me to understand the workings of both the boom and camera. Which as an actor allowed me to understand the do’s and don'ts of working in a film environment... there is a good reason actors have marks.

Thank you, Matthew, for your empathy, work-oriented mindset and the stable work atmosphere that you and the Production Team strive to create. They have taught me much at the start of my journey that has led to more opportunities to grow and further my career.

Thanks to this dedicated team I have had many opportunities opened up to me. Including worked in "background" [BG] on the film “Every Day” and the TV series like “Fear thy Neighbour”. I have also had the opportunity to play John Kennedy Jr. in "Black Donnellys". I have been cast in "1000: The Sword in the Stone", to play Jack Siena which is a principle role. The film is a 20 million euro production. I have also had an opportunity to audition for the lead in a TVO series.

Ian James Smith