Maysee McLean

Maysee McLean

Maysee McLean says...

I met Don Hickey, Helena Rose and Matthew Marshall when I responded to an audition call by m & s Marshall Productions and iFilmGroup for casting of various productions that they had in the works on one of the production's industry websites. The audition process was a great learning experience. My audition involved multiple audition pieces and elements as they were looking at me for various roles in several different productions.

Coming out of that process. I landed three roles in three different productions. The roles included being cast as “Piper Keys” a supporting role in the dramatic film “Blue Love”, The “Masked Girl”, a dramatic character suffering with depression for dramatic footage for the short film "Struggles Within", and I was involved in footage for the promotional video.

Working with the production team has been very cool. I have had such a great time filming. It has been a great experience where I am learning so much about the industry and acting. Matthew, Don and the rest of the production team were so patient and helpful at guiding me through the requirements for each scene; the feeling and look needed. I appreciate these chances to participate in such great projects about such important topics and issues. I am excited to see the final films and I can't wait to be a part of some other awesome projects.

It has opened up some amazing opportunities to push my limits and skills. Especially in order to achieve the emotional struggles of mental health that the character went through in "Struggles Within". It was emotionally exhausting and yet exhilarating at the same time.

Playing the role of Piper Keys has opened new doors within the building of characters that I have not had an opportunity to do until now. Each of these roles is giving me the opportunity to stretch myself as an actress and allowing me to learn the craft of acting while building new friendships and connections with people who share the passion for filming making. I am so thankful to the iFilmGroup for allowing me to be a part of these productions.

Maysee McLean